Hello you guys! Hope you’re doing great! I know I’ve been a lot MIA, but I’ll be more regular with my blog posts. Today I’ll be talking about one of my favourite body polishers of all times. I love scrubbing my face since my skin gets clogged a lot more. But what I like even more is scrubbing my body because not only does it feel good, but also removes the dead skin cells, and makes my skin look and feel smoother and softer. I was looking for a good option since the one I was using previously was about to get over. While searching for some options, I came across this BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher and it seemed so appealing I thought I would give it a shot!

I have been using this body polisher for over 2 months now and I’m so glad I got my hands on it! I am happy with the results I’ve seen on my skin because of it and I’ll share my views with you today about what I feel about this scrub.

Product Description:

This is what the product claims to do:

“To maintain healthy skin, regular exfoliation is recommended by all dermatologists. Orange and Honey polisher is a breakthrough in skincare. Feed your skin with Orange Honey body polisher which is curated with perfectly sized crystal granules to exfoliate the skin. It is enriched with Orange, Honey, grapefruit, Seabuckthorn leaf extract and Coconut. The aromatic gel of pure herbs and essential oils for daily body cleansing in the shower uses exfoliating fine crystals which polish the skin leaving it incredibly smooth and buffed. Natural cold-pressed oils help to give glow and prevent skin damage which occurs due to pollutants, toxins and stress. Polishers have double action of exfoliation and hydration. Orange and Honey are the powerhouses for providing a radiant and flawless complexion. Regular use of the polisher keeps the skin soft and young. FDA Approved, Clinically Tested, Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, All Skin Types, For Men & Women.”


These are the features of the scrub:

BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher

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So, the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher comes in a huge plastic tub that is orange in colour and has a lid with the name of the brand and oranges drawn over it. the packaging is see-through and I can see the amount of product left in the tub, so that gets a thumbs up from my side! The packaging is nothing fancy, just like a normal tub, but the lid is much sturdy and the product doesn’t leak from it. I wish I could travel with it but due to its humungous size, I don’t think that would be possible.


These are the ingredients found in the scrub:

BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher

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Consistency of the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher:

The scrub is slightly thick in consistency but is much runny. And due to the presence of honey, it feels a bit sticky as well. However, it applies smoothly on my body and lathers good as well. I don’t mind the stickiness to be honest because I’m assured that it’s a natural product and is due to the presence of honey in it. And honey is really good for your skin. The scrubbing particles are medium-sized, and I can actually feel them while I scrub my body. But I need to be a tiny bit careful while scrubbing my skin to avoid microtears on my skin.

Colour and Fragrance:

The scrub is orange in colour and smells deliciously of oranges. The first time I opened the tub in the bathroom, my entire bathroom was smelling of it. Also, the fragrance lasts on my body for a couple of hours once I scrub my body, which is great! Who doesn’t love to smell of oranges after all!

Quantity and Price of the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher:

The BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher comes in a huge tub of 200 gm and costs ₹499. I think it is worth every penny spent because the quantity is so much, and I only need a little amount of the scrub for my entire body. And this huge tub is definitely going to last me for a longer time!

How to use:

This is how you are supposed to use according to the instructions given by the brand:

“Take a shower, wet your skin properly, apply the polisher on the shoulder and spread it all over the upper body, reapply on the legs. Gently scrub in a circular motion for a few minutes, targeting more on elbows, neck, knees, arms, feet, hands. Pat dry for a ravishing and radiant complexion. Use it twice a week for ultimate results. The orange will uplift moods.”

BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher

via: nykaa.com

How I like to use the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher:

  1. I make sure that my skin is entirely wet before I scoop out the scrub from the tub.
  2. Then, I take a small amount of the scrub on my fingers and start to massage on my skin in circular motions.
  3. If it doesn’t lather much, I make sure to add a little amount of water more and create lather.
  4. I gently massage my body with the scrub for a few minutes so that all the dead skin cells are removed, and my skin feels a lot smoother and softer.
  5. Then, I rinse it off with water and pat dry my skin.
  6. I use the scrub atleast twice a week and it has resulted in me having glowing, softer and clear skin over time.


  1. Has all-natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin
  2. Smells heavenly of oranges
  3. Helps to remove the dead skin cells, dirt and grime thoroughly from my skin
  4. Cleanses my skin well
  5. My skin feels soft, moisturised, and a lot smoother after the usage
  6. Regular usage of the scrub has helped me get rid of tan as well
  7. Comes in a huge quantity
  8. Price is much fair to the quantity, and it is worth every penny spent
  9. Has helped in lightening and clearing the spots I had on my body
  10. Makes my skin radiant after each use.
  11. Doesn’t dry out the skin
  12. The packaging is sturdy and doesn’t leak the product


  1. Packaging is not much travel-friendly due to its huge size
  2. Available only online
  3. Scrubbing particles can be a bit harsh if you vigorously rub the scrub on your skin

My overall thoughts on the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher:

Ever since I have been using this scrub my skin is feeling a lot smoother, glowing and softer. I’m so happy I picked it up because I love using products that have natural ingredients and are good for my skin. and the fact that it has orange and honey as the main ingredients, it helps to make my skin look and feel a lot better than before. It has helped in removing my tan as well and gets rid of the dead skin cells and impurities much easier. I like using this scrub so much that I make sure to include it in my bathing routine at least twice a week. I highly recommend you check this product out if you are looking for a good body scrub. It will definitely not disappoint you!



CLICK HERE to buy the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher online.

Do let me know what you think of this product. All your suggestions/feedbacks/comments mean a lot to me!

See you in the next post! Till then,

Take care, stay healthy and keep smiling! 😊


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