I am a lipstick junkie and I love collecting different lipsticks of different shades and formula. I can never have enough of them, and I love wearing them a lot! They are amongst my favourite products when it comes to makeup and I love that pop of colour on my face! So, I was looking for matte lipsticks this time since I like wearing matte ones than the other finishes. I’m not a glossy, satin, or metallic kinda girl and prefer them matte. While I was scrolling across thousands of them from different brands, my eyes caught these Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks and they seemed interesting.

I went through their reviews and they had some really good ones, so I thought of picking them up. I got myself three shades out of their huge variety of shades and I’m happy I picked them up to see how they look and feel on my lips. I’ll share with you what I feel today so you can check them out as well, in case you’re willing to.

Product claims:

Ultra-comfortable Satin Matte, 100% Vegan Lipsticks by Disguise Cosmetics are a collection of irresistible rich matte shades that fulfill your desire for all moods and occasions. Weekend getaways, night out with the girls, friend’s wedding or a hectic day at work – it’s one for all and all for one. Enriched with organic marula, avocado, argan and jojoba oils, dry and cracked lips are far from imagination. Additionally, these ultra-comfortable lips are infused with shea butter, so you get the perfect and smoothest finish in one swipe. Together with vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, these are the best lipsticks to experiment with as they are waterproof, long wear and richly pigmented.

Product features:

  • Ultra-comfortable, 100% vegan lipsticks
  • Leaves a smooth, satin-matte finish
  • Richly pigmented and waterproof formula
  • Enriched with shea butter, vitamin E and natural oils
  • Glides effortlessly with a non-drying finish
  • Keeps lips soft, nourished and moist
  • Free from toxins, lead, parabens, alcohol, sulphates


I was surprised to see how good the packaging of these was. They come in lime green coloured bullets that have a magnetic cap with the brand name written on it. Here is how it looks:

Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks

Also, the bottom of the bullet is colour-coded and has the number of the shade written on it and not the name. I like it when brands give their lipsticks some kind of names, but nonetheless, these have numbers written on them and are colour-coded, so that would do.

Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks


The Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks claim that they are satin matte, and they do look and feel mattifying on the lips. They do not dry out my lips at all and don’t feel heavy too. the formula is feather-light and so much comfortable to wear!


They are highly opaque and pigmented, and one swipe is all I need to fill in my lips with colour!

Staying Power:

These lipsticks would last for about 4-5 hours without eating or drinking much. However, they do transfer, and most of the bullet lipsticks do, so there’s nothing that would bother me as such.


Each of the Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks is priced at ₹500 for 4.2gm of product. It is much affordable and the quantity is much too to last for a longer time.

Shade Range:

The lipsticks come in 14 different shades, which is great since people can choose from a variety of colours. Also, all these colours are unique and you’ll definitely at least one shade that would suit your skin tone. you can get to choose from these shades:

01 Fuchsia Explorer

02 Red Model

03 Wine Chef

04 Nude Poet

05 Coral Dramatist

06 Pink Trekker

07 Plum Striker

08 Orange Editor

09 Beige Musician

10 Blush Actress

11 Black Slayer

However, I picked up these three shades, named: 03 Wine Chef, 04 Nude Poet and 06 Pink Trekker

Nude Poet is a must-have nude shade in every woman’s vanity! It is just so beautiful! It would suit all types of skin tones, and makes for the perfect nude shade, especially for medium to deeper skin tones.

Pink Trekker is fuchsia pink and looks gorgeous. It would add that perfect pop of colour on your lips and brighten up your face! again, the shade would suit all skin tones.

Wine Chef, as the name suggests, is a deep maroon wine colour and not exactly wine. It is such a bold colour and you can pull it off like a boss babe! It would take your makeup look from drab to fab in just a minute! People with any skin tones can pull it off easily.


Here are the swatches of these lipsticks on my hand:

From top to bottom: Nude Poet, Pink Trekker, and Wine Chef

Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks

How I like to use the Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks:

  1. I never apply lipstick without prepping them well with a lip balm.
  2. Once I cleanse my skin, the first thing I do after completing my skincare is to apply any lip balm.
  3. This way my lips get enough time to moisturise while I finish the rest of my makeup.
  4. Then, I take any of the lipsticks depending on my mood and what I want to wear that day.
  5. I start the application from the top lip and then the bottom one.
  6. And for the final step, I smack my lips together so that the lipstick doesn’t look patchy at all, lol. Don’t we all do that?


  1. These lipsticks are completely matte and would give your lips a mattified finish.
  2. They are opaque and pigmented so one swipe is all you need to apply it on your lips.
  3. They are much comfortable to wear.
  4. The range comes with 14 different shades, which is great since people of all skin tones can find their shade.
  5. They do not dry out the lips.
  6. They have magnetic packaging and is much sturdy.
  7. The packaging has the number and colour of the shade mentioned at the bottom which makes it much easier to distinguish shades.
  8. They are budget-friendly.
  9. They do not feel heavy on the lips at all.
  10. Last for good 4 to 5 hours without budging.
  11. The packaging is travel-friendly.


  1. They are not transfer-proof or smudge-proof. They bleed a little.
  2. These lipsticks do not have the name of the shade mentioned on them. (Personal preference)
  3. They start to fade from the centre of my lips if I eat or drink something.
  4. They are available only online. (As far as I know)

My overall experience with the Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks:

I like wearing these lipsticks, but I don’t wear them on a regular basis. I liked the shades that I picked, and Nude Poet is my favourite amongst the three. When it comes to selecting a nude lipstick, I reach out for the shade most of the times. They are much comfortable on my lips and do not feel heavy or drying too. however, I wished that they lasted a bit longer and did not transfer much. But since they are bullet lipsticks, they do transfer, and I cannot say anything on that. Also, they bleed a little from my lips, so I need to be extra careful when I apply them on my lips. You can try them out if you wish to if you are on a budget since these are much budget-friendly, just like any other drugstore lipsticks. And in case you do, make sure you get your hands on Nude Poet for sure! You’ll definitely not regret!



You can buy these Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipsticks online from Nykaa.

Let me know what you think of these lipsticks below.

Take Care and Keep Smiling! 🙂


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