Let’s be honest, how many times have we admired the skin of our favourite celebrities and wished we could achieve the same as well! We do keep wondering about how they are able to keep their skin so flawless and younger-looking. Well, they do take care of their skin so much more than what we do. And I’ve heard that many of them even take health supplements for their skin to make it look younger and glowing. They take an ingredient called L-Glutathione which is known for its skin lightening and age-defying properties to make the skin look so flawless and young. I recently came across this Epilight Advance L-Glutathione With Vitamin C Supplement and I’ve been taking it for a couple of days now.

Since the supplement contains vitamin C along with L-Glutathione, I’m assuming it would help in getting rid of the dark spots, pigmentation, and acne scars on my face apart from making it look brighter and younger. Today I’ll share my thoughts about this amazing supplement and how do the ingredients help in lightening your skin.

Product Claims:

“General Information Oral skin lightening Tablets. Most trusted brand of more than 2000 cosmetologists. Direction Take 1 tablet daily. Indications Skin lightening agent Anti aging Smooth radiant skin Removes blemishes & pigmentation. Ingredients L-glutathione-1000 mg Alphalipoic acid Vitamin –C Grape seed Extract. Pine bark extract. Contraindication This product is not intended for persons under 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or at risk or being treated for high blood pressure and heart disease. Item model Epilight 600 tab 30 tablets in strip packaging in a box to ensure protection from moisture.100% original and genuine. Kindly check for company NIPPON hologram”

Features Of Epilight Advance L-Glutathione With Vitamin C Supplement:

  1. Skin lightening agent
  2. Anti-ageing
  3. Smooth radiant skin
  4. Removes blemishes & pigmentation.


The supplement comes in a cardboard box with all the details about the tablets mentioned on it. When I opened the box, I found out that there were three other boxes inside. Each box consists of 10 tablets, so it comes with 30 tablets in total. The outer packaging is much sturdy and has all the information mentioned on it so I can easily have an idea about the ingredients and their nutritional value.

This is how the outer packaging looks like:

This is how the inner three boxes look like.

The tablets, however, are much bigger in size, but they are easy to swallow.

Ingredients In The Epilight Advance L-Glutathione With Vitamin C Supplement:

These are the ingredients and their nutritional value mentioned on the box:

Quantity And Price:

There are 30 tablets in total and it costs ₹ 1333 for 10 tablets, which means, ₹ 3999 for 30 tablets. I know it is much on the pricier side, but I will leave a link below so you can get them on a huge discount. Also, the benefits and properties the supplement has, I feel it is worth every penny. You’ll start to notice the changes in your skin tone within a few days after you start taking them. do check out the link at the end of the review and you’ll get it a much cheaper price.

How To Take The Epilight Advance L-Glutathione With Vitamin C Supplement:

You have to take 1 tablet every day, which is what the brand says.

How I Take The Supplement:

I take one tablet after I have my breakfast. I usually take the supplements with the first meal of the day so that they start synthesising in my body and do its job.


You must keep these things in mind before you take these tablets:

  1. Do not take these supplements if you are under the age of 18.
  2. Don’t take them if you are pregnant or nursing.
  3. You aren’t supposed to take them if you are at a risk or getting treated for high blood pressure or any other heart-related diseases.


  1. The Epilight Advance L-Glutathione With Vitamin C Supplement comes in a pack of 30 so you have one tablet for each day.
  2. They help to lighten and brighten the skin tone.
  3. The skin looks much brighter and smoother immediately after a few days after you start taking them.
  4. It helps in getting rid of dark spots, acne scars, and pigmentation.
  5. Has anti-ageing properties to make your skin look younger and radiant.
  6. The packaging is sturdy and can be travelled with.
  7. The tablets are bigger in size but are easy to swallow.
  8. It is worth every penny spent.


  1. Some may find the price being steeper, but it is worth the money.
  2. It is available only online and you might not find it in local stores.

My Overall Thoughts On The Epilight Advance L-Glutathione With Vitamin C Supplement:

I have been using these supplements for over a week now and I find a lot of difference in my skin tone. All my acne scars and dark spots have started to fade, and I can see a huge difference in how my skin feels. I can’t say much about the anti-ageing properties because I don’t have any signs of ageing for now. But since it has age-defying properties, I’m sure it would prevent the early signs of ageing. I make sure to not skip taking them and I can’t wait to see how my skin looks flawless once I’m done taking them all! I’m so grateful I came across this product since it has already started to show major changes in my skin tone! I have so many acne scars on my face, and they have already started to fade and how quickly! I highly recommend you trying out these tablets and you won’t regret your decision ever, especially if you have pigmentation and scars!



You can CLICK HERE to buy these supplements online at a discounted rate.

Do let me know if you’ve tried them out or share your feedback. It’d mean a lot to me!

Take Care and Keep Smiling! 😊


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