Dry hands are one of the most common problems amongst all, especially during winters. Most of us focus on moisturizing our body with various lotions and creams but often do not pay much attention to the dry hands and cuticles. However, our hands need as much love and care as the rest of the body. Hand creams provide your hands with that extra moisturization needed. I like using The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream in the White Floral fragrance because of its formulation of various ingredients that provide my hands with the moisture needed. Keep reading to know more about this beauty!

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream- White Floral

So, this hand cream comes with a non-sticky formula and gets absorbed into my hands very fast. It has such a light texture and doesn’t feel greasy at all when I apply it. Also, it has a mild floral fragrance that doesn’t bother at all so kudos to it! It is rich in essential oils and nutrients to give soft and supple hands and keeps them moisturized for a long time. They come in three different variants:

  1. The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream- Baby Powder
  2. The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream- Fruity Floral
  3. The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream- White Floral

Since I like floral fragrances over the rest, I choose the white floral fragrance in the hand cream and I must say, I am totally in love with it! And it comes with such cute packaging that totally drives me crazy! Even a product such as a hand cream comes with such cute packaging that it looks amazing in the vanity! It also makes for the perfect gift if you’re on a budget and looking for something affordable.

Who can use it?

Both men and women can use it whenever they feel their hands are drying out or just want to give them some extra moisturization.

What are the price and quantity?

So, The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream comes in the standard 30 ml quantity just like most of the other hand creams. It retails for ₹ 430 which is a bit on the pricier side for a hand cream. But this one gives you a beautiful Korean experience and The Face Shop does amazing with their products!

How to use it?

You can use it whenever you feel your hands are dry and need some hydration. Also, if you’re working, you can just carry it along with you to work and use it whenever your hands feel dried out. It makes for an essential product especially during winters when hands tend to dry out even more. Well, it’s not just winters, you can use this cream throughout the year.

What is the consistency?

The hand cream has a gel-like consistency that feels very light. Also, it doesn’t feel sticky at all and just seeps into your skin very easily. This is how it looks like:

The Face Shop Hand Cream Consistency


  1. Intensely moisturizing and hydrating
  2. Keeps hands moisturized throughout the day
  3. Makes them soft and supple
  4. Packed with essential oils and nutrients to keep hands healthy
  5. Has a mild floral fragrance
  6. Non-sticky formula
  7. Lightweight texture
  8. Absorbs very quickly
  9. Very little quantity required
  10. Dermatologist tested
  11. Can be used anywhere and everywhere
  12. Easy to carry
  13. Packaging is to die for


  1. A bit pricey
  2. Rarely on discount

My opinion on The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream- White Floral

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant initially when I purchased this hand due to its. But when I started using it, I totally fell in love with it! First, it’s the packaging. It looks so adorable! And then comes its non-sticky and lightweight texture. It gets absorbed into my hands so easily and quickly that I don’t have to work much to make it get absorbed. I love how it looks on my vanity box and the fact that you require less amount of the product, it will last for a long time. If you’re looking for a good hand cream that smells good and keeps your dry hands at bay, you should check it out. If you don’t mind splurging a bit more, then you must totally go for this one and I bet you won’t regret!

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If you head from any other country than India, CLICK HERE to buy it.

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